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Welcome to LSCnR, your new favorite GTA 5 Cops and Robbers server powered by FiveM

test is now playable! Join our Discord to get access.

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Go spend your hard earned in-game money and win big at The Diamond Casino! Play cards, poker, slots, roulette, and spin the Lucky Wheel for a chance to win incredible prizes.



Work any of our diverse jobs to level up and earn money, which you can then spend on your arsenal, properties, vehicles, and more! Be a cop, bounty hunter, or whatever your heart desires.


 Need quick money? Go down the criminal route and rob gas stations, liquor stores, and other stores. Always stay on the lookout for cops, or you may get caught!


Heists (WIP)

Strategize and execute daring heists alone or with your crew. Always stay one step ahead of the law and bounty hunters, as they'll be coming for you!


Properties (WIP)

Buy a garage to store your whips or become a house owner to flex your wealth, lay low, and store your goods.



Buy rides from our diverse catalogue and express your personality by customizing them at Benny's mod shop.


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Our team

Working on code and striving for perfection is not just a job for me; it's a true passion. Being a part of this incredible project has been an absolute joy and an opportunity to showcase my skills and dedication to creating top-notch server systems.

Lorenc_ Project Lead

I understand that the success of the project hinges upon the strength and capability of the staff team. With meticulous attention to detail, i ensure that each team member is aligned with the project's vision and possesses the necessary skills and expertise to excel in their respective roles.

Xandrice Project Manager

Hi, I'm Whomsky! I've been managing and moderating various communities for years now.

I'm excited to help LSCnR grow and strive. I focus on managing the social media channels, discord server, and the staff team. 

Whomsky Community Manager